Day 46: CIAing And CryptKey Breaking

Earlier today, WikiLeaks ventured into new document revealing territory by posting a ton of documents allegedly obtained from the CIA. What these (authentic looking but still unconfirmed) documents show is that the CIA programs for surveillance were extensive, intrusive and far broader than publicly acknowledged.

Additionally, these documents reveal a host of tools and zero day exploits that were utilized and in some cases intentionally kept open in order to be tools for the agency to utilize to conduct spying operations on individuals.

WikiLeaks claims that it used a bit more discretion with this particular dump, as they’ve been (rightfully) blasted in the past for a lack of care in redacting basic information that shouldn’t be available to the public, such as personal addresses and social security numbers. But that doesn’t hold up at all upon closer examination and this particular round of leaks might be far more dangerous than past data dumps.

Source code for the CIA tools in question was posted in this leak, allowing anyone with the proper tools to mimic these programs and tactics. And while it is likely that the companies in question will patch the dozens of zero day exploits discovered, it still leaves a very ambiguous window open where bad actors could be empowered with these mega-weapons.

Furthermore, without drifting too much into conspiracy territory, I have serious questions about the intentions of Julian Assange with this particular publication. With that disclaimer, I feel compelled to state that I believe firmly that the CIA (if these documents are legit) are completely out of bounds with these tools, as are the NSA, FBI and any other government agency that conducts unconstitutional mass surveillance. But Assange has extensive ties to the Russian government and he shown that he is ready and willing to meddle in U.S. politics in a negative way.

Could this be the start of an effort to undermine the credibility of U.S. intelligence agencies so that, if/when a bomb drops on Trump’s ties to the Russian government and possible collusion with them to run a propaganda campaign during the 2016 election, they are sullied and Trump can “reasonably” question their credibility?

I’m not Alex Jones, but I wouldn’t put it past either one of those parties to do just that. After all, railroading the credibility of a political opponent with Russian assistance is what got Trump elected in the first place.


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