Day 43: This Is Viral Tapp

Between soaking up sunshine and funneling┬átaxpayer money for his businesses, it’s another busy weekend at Mar-A-Lago for Donald Trump. Yet somehow he found the time to tweet about a possible investigation into his campaign.

After yesterday’s rousing call for an investigation into public and documented meetings between Democratic Party and Russian government officials on Twitter, this morning’s finger flexing accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign.

It’s highly unlikely that Obama personally ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower, however it is not unlikely at all that a warrant was issued for surveillance of Trump Tower communication devices considering the fact that an investigation into his campaign’s ties with Russia has been ongoing and the fact that there have already been public, verified reports of communication between Trump Tower devices and Russians financial interests.

The irony that he is complaining about this might be (unsurprisingly) lost on Trump, but it’s funny (in a sick way) that he requested a foreign power hack a political opponent and then makes a villain of a former president based on the same “conspiracy” theory.

If he were worried about the legality of widespread government surveillance, then maybe he should’ve spoken up earlier in Obama’s second term, when the Patriot Act was up for renewal. But Trump isn’t a details guy and in this case, like so many others, he isn’t a facts guy either.


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