Day 42: The Faucet Opens

We’re six weeks into the Trump administration and the seams are starting to become loose.

A shipload of Trump-Russia news dropped after Your Day In Trump press time yesterday. Included in several different reports were the revelation of Jared Kushner’s involvement in Michael Flynn’s conversations with Russia’s U.S. envoy, Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation and admitted that in his conversation with the Russian envoy in his Senate office, the topic of Ukraine might have arisen (leading to a follow up question that the press corps failed to ask: were sanctions against Russia a part of that discussion?)

There were direct links from Russia to the Trump family and Trump himself established in this flurry of news as well. Donald Trump Jr. was paid $50,000 for a speech he gave to a French think-tank with ties to Russian interests and J.D. Gordon and Carter Page both met with the Russian envoy during the Republican National Convention. Gordon then told Jim Acosta of CNN on the record that Trump personally ordered the Ukraine GOP platform change at the convention and that Jeff Sessions was presiding over the meeting when the change was made.

Oh, and Mike Pence’s personal email account was being used for state business and got hacked. Irony and hypocrisy aren’t adequate adjectives for this type of behavior.

Thus far, most Republicans have stuck by the administration despite the growing scope of this scandal. In addition to the disgusting, treasonous elements of this viewpoint, this is becoming an increasingly riskier political gamble by the day. Do you really want to side with the President if it means being anti-American? Most Republicans were willing to overlook racism, sexism, accusations of sexual assault, sketchy business practices and fraudulent behavior when they voted for Trump. I guess treason is just another box ready to be checked on that list.

However it shakes out for them, the administration is likely to meet a less savory fate if some of the allegations prove themselves to be true. And the defenses of their behavior are growing increasingly desperate.


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