Day 40: Factivism Can’t Beat Fascism

The Tom Perez era of the DNC is off and running. While it’s highly likely that plans are in the works for upcoming elections, so far little has happened beyond a lot of public hand holding and a barrage of fundraising emails. Patience under Trump is a luxury we can’t afford.

One of the aforementioned emails was a length diatribe about the importance of becoming a “Factivist” which glorifies the role of your friends who fact-check Trump on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. After this year’s election, I’m no longer able to dismiss the power of social media and both research and observations back up that fake news could tip the scales in favor of a certain someone.

While combatting this propaganda is important, it wouldn’t necessarily have to happen if the Democratic turnout operation was a resounding success. The Clinton campaign sunk more than $140 million dollars into TV ads and voter turnout was not good enough to win. Compared to other countries, it was really bad.

What does boost voter turnout is canvassing, knocking on doors and talking to voters about an upcoming election. It could potentially boost turnout by 6 percent, which is huge and represents millions of raw votes in a national election. Given that groups which favor Democrats tend to turnout in lower numbers and there were additional hurdles to the ballot installed against minorities over the Obama years, one would think that the Democrats might put more of an emphasis on civics education (which is poor in the United States) and encouraging folks to get out to find local campaigns, knock on doors and inform voters in an email blast?

Not yet. I hope it will happen soon. Voting bad politicians out of office is the only way to prevent bad public policy from being enacted.


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