Day 37: An Unnecessary Health Care Scare

As I sit here watching the 2017 Oscars, I can’t help but think about the intersection of art and politics. True, it seems as though life is imitating art with the election of a reality star as our president. And it was cool to see Mahershala Ali win an Oscar for his performance in Moonlight, many political junkies know him as Remy Danton in House of Cards.

But what struck me was the stories of how these actors rose to glory. Taraji P. Henson, DC-area native, Howard University graduate, Oscar winner for The Curious Of Benjamin Button, nominated for Hidden Figures and star of the award-winning show Empire wasn’t always rich and successful. She was, at one time, a waitress and administrative assistant while raising her son as a single mother, taking classes and attempting to start her acting career.

Acting, unfortunately, is a profession where many people cannot make a full-time living. Actors supplement their income and chase their dreams often by working low-wage jobs, living in cars, stripping and doing whatever else it takes to make it in Hollywood or on Broadway. Health care was a luxury that most of these people couldn’t afford.

Until the Affordable Care Act came around.

It was a game changer for poor people, independent contractors and people who had been denied insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Over 20 million people have been looped into the insurance pool, costs have gone down and the nation has saved a ton of money in the process. It is as popular as it has ever been.

That’s why the idea of repealing it and sticking people without health insurance is so heartless. No health insurance means sick people won’t get the care they need, families will get stuck with unbearable bills and dreams will be crushed because people will not be able to pursue their goals if they have a medical condition and can’t get affordable insurance.

You would think someone who was handed pretty much everything in life would have some sympathy, mercy and desire to do the same service for other people in need. Not only is that not the case, he wants to fracture the foundation of people’s lives for no sane reason. I wish this horror picture wasn’t real.


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