Day 34: Who Is Being Empowered


One of the most disturbing trends in the Trump administration can be found in law enforcement.

The number of police killings shot up in January to the highest mark it has been at since 2015. Trump reduced restrictions on ICE and the number of deportations has skyrocketed, with virtually no distinction between violent offenders and regular citizens.

Meanwhile, transgender bathroom protections were rolled back for schools. Regulations protecting consumers were rolled back for Wall Street. Environmental safeguards were discarded for coal companies.

Anti-semitism has been allowed to fester like an open wound. Muslims and refugees were the targets of an unconstitutional ban and have been shaken down in airports all over the country.

Trump is empowering institutions and individuals dedicating to oppressing minorities while propping up predatory companies that have crashed the economy. His white supremacist in the White House wants to go to war with reality itself.

I’m pleased that so many people have risen in courage for this occasion rather than shrunk away in fear. People have been flooding town halls all across the country to voice their displeasure with the GOP rubber-stamp of Trump’s agenda.

Nevertheless, this administration appears determined to implement its agenda, no matter the cost and no matter the facts. We need to keep fighting against the empowerment of the Trump train and their ilk.


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