Day 30: Relaxation And Taxation

Presidential getaways are always a bipartisan sore spot.

Many people on the left complained about the frequent getaways taken to Crawford, Tex. by the younger Bush. In total, 490 days were spent on the ranch, where Bush spent time clearing brush, playing golf and dodging Code Pink.

Obama also came under fire for his time spent on vacation, specifically golfing. A frequent golfer, Obama has played with the likes of Tiger Woods, Joe Biden and other buddies.

I have no objection to people griping about the cost of presidential vacations. Protecting the President is expensive and I get how spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to do so while they are enjoying a stay at an upscale location is ridiculous to people who aren’t ultra wealthy. I share this viewpoint to some degree, however, I’m not one to object to people taking time off of work. Even elected officials deserve vacations.

Donald Trump has corrupted this corner of the presidency.

For the third weekend in a row, he has retreated to Mar-A-Lago, where local businesses will suffer as a result of the security shutdowns and taxpayer dollars will be funneled into Trump’s pocket with lodging and other accommodations for the first family. This is consistent with Trump behavior surrounding his businesses. After all, campaign donations, charitable donations and the gift of knowledge have made their way into Trump’s wallet as well.

We’ll see where he stacks up in terms of how much he’ll cost us in terms of dollars spent and potential dollars lost.


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