Day 28: The Nazis Show Their Stripes

This has been the longest month of my life.

Every day this administration brings a new nightmare to the table. Some days I feel as if we’re fighting for progress. Other days I feel as if we’re fighting just to keep something totally evil from occurring.

Today falls into the latter category.

The Associated Press is reporting that a draft memo from DHS would authorize state governors in 11 western and southern states to activate the National Guard solely for the purpose of arresting immigrants. This terrifying proposal is exactly what happened in Nazi  Germany when the Schutzstaffel, also known as the SS, was mobilized as a military force to round up Jews. They oversaw the nation’s police and concentration camps. This proposal would leave immigrants hiding in attics. That sounds horribly familiar.

There are large doubts about the appetite of governors to carry out this proposal. Thus far, two conservative Republican governors have expressed deep reservations.

The doubts deepen even further when we get to the constitutionality of the memo which, like the Muslim ban before it, didn’t seem to be a factor when this was drafted. At any rate, it seems like it violates at least one important law.

While immigrants are far more likely to get deported than sent to camps set up to commit genocide, the essential question remains: If this goes through, where does the escalation stop?

It’s unclear. And I don’t ever want to find out.


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