Day 27: A Putz After Puz?

Accused domestic abuser, undocumented worker employer and workforce depressor Andrew Puzder withdrew his name from consideration to be the next Secretary of Labor yesterday. This came after Mitch McConnell couldn’t muster enough votes to get him through. It’s another win for The Resistance.

One of the reasons that Trump won the Republican nomination is because the Republican base, after decades of depressed wages and having their leadership support corporate interests at every turn and lie to their faces about it. This same base was willing to blame immigrants and minorities rather than the Republican political leadership who made the majority of states in this country right-to-work, neutering unions and abolishing any chance for working people to get ahead economically.

For working class people and even predatory business owners who exploit them, the denial is astounding. One only needs to examine how he has operated in his own business activities for years to see how this would play out. But then again, many of these people have voted against their own economic interests time and time again.

So who will be the next Trump labor nominee? Will it be someone who cares about unions? Fights for working class people? Speaks up for higher wages and speaks out against right-to-work laws?

Somehow I doubt it.

But I am certain that whoever will be nominated will face the same principled opposition that ended Puzder’s nomination unless they are genuinely pro-worker. This country needs a labor leader who puts people before corporations.


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