Day 25: Flynn Win

Michael Flynn resigned today after revelations that he potentially interfered with U.S. policy with Russia on behalf of the Russian government. The Army is investigating a potential payment from Russia to Flynn.

Prior to his resignation, his affinity for the┬áRussian government were well known. His potential to be blackmailed was well known. His lunacy was well known. The administration knew all of these facts before Flynn resigned. To portray this as an issue of trust between Flynn and Pence is…well…dishonest.

Today, the American people won yet again. Excellent journalism produced information that was important to the public. It caused enough pressure on the White House that retaining Flynn became untenable. In the process, a possible Russian double agent was removed from a top national security position.

Still, there is lots of work left to do. Many questions need to be answered. I can think of a few off of the top of my head:

  1. What is the full extent of the Trump administrations ties to foreign governments?
  2. Why did the administration not act sooner to remove Flynn following a warning from Acting Attorney General Sally Yates in January?
  3. What does the FBI know about Michael Flynn’s ties to the Russian government

Until these questions are answered, we need to keep demanding the answers to them. Keep calling your Congressmembers, Senators, the various agencies and the White House. Keep resisting. Keep persisting.


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