Day 23: Public Vexations

Today, Trump praised the robotic lying of Stephen Miller, the latest unhinged flack he chose to trot out in front of a camera to defend his garbage policies and delusions. Miller couldn’t make it through one sentence of an interview with George Stephanopoulos without uttering a falsehood.

His appearance coincided with a long-form profile piece on him that ran in the New York Times today detailing his acquaintence with 21st century Klansman Richard Spencer at Duke University, his disdain for immigrants and his work with Jeff Sessions to kill comprehensive immigration reform and entrance into Trump’s orbit.

The story indicates that even among Republican operatives, Miller was on the fringe, sending out paranoid, conspiratorial emails, à la Michael Flynn sharing Pizza Gate stories on Twitter, that were usually considered “spam.”

Now, he’s a senior advisor in the Trump White House. When people like this get together to make policy decisions that could affect the world, things like this tend to be serious topics of discussion.

It’s amazing to see how the Republican Party (not that they were a noble institution beforehand) has quickly been swept up in this conspiratorial nonsense. Republicans are moving rapidly toward the creation of apartheid regimes in states they control in an attempt to maintain white supremacy. This is evidenced with the explosion of Voter ID laws and disassembly of unions and public education, institutions that have helped boost minorities. Their denial of the truth fits into this pattern: by dismissing any opposition (or truth) as fiction, they’ve created a world where they will attempt to force their falsehoods into reality, just like Miller did today.

We can’t let that happen. There is too much at stake: mitigating the effects of climate change, ensuring true social, political, educational and economic equality for all people and the security of our planet.


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