Day 22: Flynn Facts

During his tenure at the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn tended to force his worldview into reality. Aides to the general dubbed these falsehoods “Flynn Facts” and he was eventually dismissed by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

A new set of Flynn Facts emerged yesterday, when nine intelligence officials declared (anonymously) that Michael Flynn had discussed the removal of sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the United States, potentially violating the Logan Act of 1799. The fact that a high ranking intelligence official might have attempted to undermine official U.S. policy by back channeling to Russian officials is absurd and possibly treasonous.

Flynn is a troubling character to have in such a high-ranking position. Besides allegedly behaving extremely erratically at intelligence briefings, Flynn started a private intelligence company that lobbied on behalf of oppressive foreign regimes, a company that he continued to receive payments from while also receiving classified briefings. Clients included people with close ties to Recep Erdogan, dictator of Turkey.

Flynn was also the guest of honor of Vladimir Putin, sitting next to him at a lavish dinner honoring Russia Today, the propaganda arm of the Kremlin. He has used his Twitter account to spread outrageously false information about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, including supporting the Pizza Gate rumor that almost got people killed.

There’s a lot of smoke surrounding Trump’s ties to Russia. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is the former CEO of Exxon Mobile, which lobbied against Russian sanctions. He is the recipient of one of the highest Russian civilian honors, the Order of Friendship. Put the two of these interests together and you get a potential $500 billion dollar deal for the oil giant and Russia if sanctions are lifted. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was paid to do illicit work on behalf of Russia in Ukraine. Trump himself took his business interests to Moscow.

We need more information on the extent of Trump’s ties to Russia and we need it now. Call your Senators, Congressmembers and other elected officials. Call the DOJ, the FBI and the CIA. Demand a transparent investigation. Demand Trump’s tax returns and the accounting books of all of his business holdings. The integrity of our country’s government depends on it.


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