Day 21: Some Wins For The Resistance

Let’s take today to look on the bright side of things for a second. We’re three weeks into the Trump administration and we need to keep our morale high if we are to sustain this fight.

The biggest win in my mind came in Seattle, where the Seattle City Council voted to divest more than $3 billion dollars from Wells Fargo due to the bank’s support for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The City of Davis, California took an identical action, pulling $124 million from the bank.

The Muslim ban took another hit in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where it was unanimously declared unconstitutional. It seems bound for the Supreme Court, though there are signs within the White House that they may want to rethink their strategy on the Executive Order, or pull it altogether.

In the reddest of places, people are standing up to their representatives with unprecedented zeal. Jason Chaffetz, who likes to invent disgusting lies about Planned Parenthood and abortions, got harangued for the better part of 90 minutes as he tried to defend his lack of investigations into the Trump administration.

Nevertheless, the fight continues. We must continue to support the water protectors at Standing Rock as they gear up for a difficult portion of their fight. We must continue to raise questions about the ethics standards in the White House. And we must continue to point out and eliminate treasonous behavior within the White House.

Keep fighting. Keep resisting. Keep persisting. Keep the faith. Keep up the good work. Keep your values in front of you. Keep winning.


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