Day 19: Renewable Boycotts

It’s been exhausting to follow this presidency. Part of me thinks that’s what they’re hoping for: to exhaust resistance and protest until they can get their way, until they can gut workers rights, destroy minority communities and rob the federal government of our tax dollars for their profit. But there is a strange ray of hope that has renewed me today. And it’s shining on a solar panel.

I was stunned to learn that there are almost twice the amount of jobs in the renewable energy industry than there are in coal. The costs to install solar power are rapidly falling and there are countries which have run themselves on wind energy.

Even the state which is viewed as the soul of oil, Texas, is undergoing a wind energy revolution.

This is what Trump doesn’t want. He might be getting blackmailed by a nation state which has an economy for the corrupt upper echelon that runs on oil and natural gas. His Secretary of State is the former CEO of Exxon Mobile. He wants to use the government to enrich himself and blurs any lines between business and government.

Let’s hit him in the area he cares about the most: his pocketbook. Grab Your Wallet, which tracks Trump products and calls for boycotts of companies that carry them has had some real success in the past few days. Several Celebrity Apprentice advertisers have indicated that they will not return and Nordstrom will no longer purchase Ivanka Trump products. I encourage folks to visit and stop shopping Trump.

It’s a series of small victories, but it is a good start on this economic campaign.


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