Day 15: The World’s Smallest Viola-Win

Vincent Viola, Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of the Army, billionaire owner of the Florida Panthers and one-time concession worker puncher, dropped out of contention to be a part of Trump’s cabinet today. This follows Viola’s self-disclosure that he is interested in pursuing business interests that involve government contracts. After failing to find a way to have his cake and eat it too, Viola called it quits.

The same cannot be said for the Trump family, who continue to fleece taxpayers for their business. Eric Trump recently traveled to Uruguay for the Trump Organization, costing the United States nearly $100,000 for what was ostensibly a  business trip. Melania Trump’s continued residence in Trump Tower is shorting the United States millions of dollars. Even his presidential campaign was marked by a direct flow of cash from campaign contributions to Trump businesses.

Donald Trump’s attempt to address these concerns was a joke and a farce. It’s unknown how much money he’ll be making from these ventures because he will not release his tax returns. It’s unknown what his conflicts of interest are because he won’t release any information about Trump Organization investors.

But there are other documented records that should’ve concerned Trump supporters beginning when he took that ride down the escalator. His “university” was a total scam. He doesn’t pay people for work performed on his hotels or golf courses. His charitable foundation funneled illegal kickbacks to his business.

He’s a career scammer and rip-off artist.

What I don’t understand is the willingness of Trump supporters to go along with this scam. I get the fact that many Trump supporters are experiencing economic hardship, are sick of Washington dysfunction and are extremely dissatisfied with their established leadership. I understand they are susceptible to racist appeals and have a problem discerning the truth from fiction.

But Trump himself doesn’t dispute that he’s a very wealthy individual and the facts are all there in terms of his disgusting levels of corruption. Why his supporters were able to reconcile that they wanted change but couldn’t overlook their own racist demons and cognitive dissonance to pick someone from the same set of conners, I’ll never know.

Some folks regret voting for him after expecting him to change once he got into office with the behavior surrounding his businesses. That hasn’t happened.


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