Day 39: Evil Is A Choice

Yesterday, billionaire Betsy DeVos, whose sanity is already questionable, had a heinously offensive take on the role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities:

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Day 33: Liberals Resisting Change

Mike Huckabee has said many offensive things and has stood (quite literally) with people who refuse to accept our changing times. In the midst of an incredibly racist diatribe about black people and culture on the Daily Show a few years ago, Huckabee actually made an insightful point about living in a bubble, saying “there’s a real culture clash between the people who live in cities and those who live in rural-America.”

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Day 32: The JCC Is The Place To Be

Growing up in Connecticut, there was a (relatively) large Jewish population in the New Haven area. With multiple synagogues covering a range of Jewish faiths, it was only natural that a Jewish Community Center was also a part of my Jewish childhood. I attended summer camps, played basketball and worked out at the JCC. I saw just as many people who weren’t Jewish doing the same thing in the facility without anyone raising an eyebrow.

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