Day 11: Resistors Of Note

As the Trump administration enters its second week, Trump will name a Supreme Court nominee tonight. Some Democrats have already announced that they may filibuster this nominee, especially if it is someone with extreme views. These acts of resistance are important and necessary if we are to fight this man successfully. Partisan labels aside, there have been many individuals who have performed heroic acts of resistance against this oppressive regime. They include:

Jasilyn Charger And The Indigenous Movement At Standing Rock: If you haven’t yet, please check out the article in the previous hyperlink. It details the story of Jasilyn Charger, an indigenous woman who overcame so much in life to lead the youth resistance at Standing Rock. She is fighting against the horrors of colonialism, fighting against people denigrating indigenous sacred ground and water supplies, fighting against people profiting off of destroying the planet. Her bravery and resilience are inspiring.

Pro Bono Immigration Lawyers: To the lawyers, legal staff, translators and protestors who have showed up at airports around the country to defend the rights of refugees and immigrants, thank you. You volunteered your time to do the right thing, performing essential services to help folks in need after they were held unconstitutionally by agents with Customs and Border Patrol.

Sally Yates: A holdover from the Obama administration, this career attorney is no stranger to heroic work. She was the lead prosecutor for the United States in the case of Eric Rudolph, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Park bomber. She also took to heart the advice she got from Jeff Sessions of all people and said no to the President when he defied the Constitution. She put herself out on a limb professionally to do the right thing.

Keep up the resistance. It has worked before and it can work again, but it needs to be sustained. We will protest, we will march, we will vote and we will win!


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