Day 7: Weekly Worst Of The Worst

One of my favorite features of Sports Center is the Not Top Ten, a weekly worst of the worst involving blunders from our favorite athletes. Granted, it’s a worst of the worst every day with this administration, but a few incidents stand out.

Today, the White House announced that Donald Trump would be meeting with Teresa May, star of Lesbian Student Nurses and Petticoat Passions Vol. 1Uh, yeah…similar name, different occupation. Trump promised to take a long, hard look at the relationship between the U.S. and U.K. A little mixup between a prime minister and a porn star? Trust me, no problem.

Sean Spicer likes to share passwords over the internet. You would think that the Trump team would be a little bit more careful about cyber security considering one of its servers was communicating with a Russian server in a covert way and his former campaign manager was linked to illicit payments from foreign governments? Nope.

Speaking of Sean Spicer, apparently he likes to eat gum. No, not chew gum for chewing’s sake. He eats it. A lot of it.

It’s a bit nutty that at least a few high-level Trump advisors have registered to vote in two states after Trump falsely cited that practice as evidence of voter fraud.

Kellyanne Conway allegedly got crunk at an Inauguration party. While this story hasn’t been corroborated by video or a police report, a Fox News talking head went on the record to say that it happened. Her fighting skills weren’t the only thing making headlines. If the politics or fashion thing doesn’t work out, at least she can lean on her original career as a stand up comedian.

We’ll see what the next week brings us. In the meantime, have a wonderful woke weekend.


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