Day 6: Trump And The Media

(Guest post by Matty Miz aka Matty Pageviews)

Did the media intentionally spend all of its time covering the Inauguration crowd size just to piss off Donald Trump?

The big story last week was the end of the relative peace and stability of the Obama era and the beginning of a new, frightening, golden-shower era of American politics. Everyone and their mother was covering Trump’s Inauguration.

You may have heard a lot people in the media talk about Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS:….**crickets**

You may have heard a lot people in the media talk about Trump’s jobs plan:….**crickets**

You may have heard a lot people in the media talk about how the international community reacted to Trump’s speech:….**you get the point**

The one story that was on the mind of every reporter that descended upon the Beltway was crowd size. How many people were there? How did it compare to Obama’s Inauguration How did it compare to the Women’s March? What do the aerials look like? In fact, here’s how many results come up when you Google this topic:picture1

And here’s what comes up when you Google his speech:picture1

Granted, a Google search isn’t the most reliable metric for measuring how much media coverage a given topic has gotten, but it’s safe to say that the crowd size seemed to be the number one topic on the mind of every reporter. And clearly the White House noticed.

So, it’s pretty clear that crowd size got an outsized level of coverage than year’s past. And I think I know why: it’s because the press and the Donald hate each other. Maybe it’s because reporters feel guilty that they helped get him elected. Maybe it’s because he isn’t the biggest fan of the 4th estate. Maybe it’s because asking a lot of questions about what this election means for the future of the country is really hard, but talking about aerial shots of an empty field isn’t.

My question to members of the beltway vulture squad is this: you’re doing this to fuck with him, right? I mean, you had to know this was going to drive him ballistic. This is a guy who ran not on policy, or even experience, but on the strengths of his showing in the polls and the size of the crowds at his rallies. He’s been hyping his Inauguration since he got elected, making it sound like the best party thrown since Studio 54 got shut down by the IRS. So of course, of course he’s going to go apeshit when you all write articles not about anything he actually said during the inauguration, but just that more people showed up for Obama and waaaaaaay more people showed up to protest his ass the next day.

The stories about how he got ditched by a Bruce Springsteen cover band are just salt in the wound. And to that I say: well done. If this continues to derail his presidency so he doesn’t get around to gutting the EPA and replacing Obamacare with a firing squad for the old and sick, keep it up.

By the way, I got a hot tip that Tom Brady said he’s not really friends with the Donald, and that he doesn’t even vote. Might want to get on that story so you can be the first with a hot, steaming take on it just in time for the Super Bowl.


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