Day 5: Lighting Up The Night

Donald Trump is mentally unstable. He is convinced that widespread voter fraud has denied him the popular vote and today on his favorite medium, promised a widespread investigation into voter fraud, alluding to strengthening voting procedures depending on the results. He could start the investigation himself, by walking down the hall of the White House staff building.

But investigating something made up isn’t enough for this Tea Pot Pol Pot. He also threatened to implement martial law in Chicago if the murder rate doesn’t decline. Forget about effective anti-poverty measures, Trump would much rather lash out at politicians and municipalities that oppose him with the military. This is authoritarian behavior.

But the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump became the nominee of the Republican Party because he was not alone in his psychopathy. Many Republican voters support un-democratic, demagogic principles. From Vox:

“A CBS News exit poll found that 75 percent of Republican voters supported banning Muslims from the United States. A PPP poll found that a third of Trump voters support banning gays and lesbians from the country. Twenty percent said Lincoln shouldn’t have freed the slaves.”

It’s a crazy statistic. This is the base of the party that has some vestige of power in all but six states in the U.S. (at the state level). This is what Republican politicians are endorsing in order to get elected and enacting into law. This lays bear the premise of the American conflict: The struggle for people of color, members of the LGBTQIA community and religious minorities to not only be recognized as people, but to enact policies that would prevent the dehumanizing and disgusting discrimination that they face on a daily basis and dismantle the machine that keeps it going.

We cannot concede to cognitive dissonance. A sizable portion of Republican Party voters are willing to do just that. We must elect leaders who will respond, organize and refuse to give an inch on any policy that is racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQIA or attacks religious minorities.

So today, I humbly ask that you find such a person that you can support who will take these American values into your community. It could be your Senator, your Congressman, your Mayor.

It could also be you. Running for office shouldn’t be a limited activity.

Community organizing is an extremely difficult and extremely rewarding activity. Progress is slow and difficult, but when it happens, it is tremendous. Don’t give up on yourself or others, you don’t know the amazing things you can accomplish.


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