Day 1: The Women Lead The Resistance

Trump’s insane speech to CIA officials was probably the craziest thing to happen in Trumpland today, during which he lied about his record…number of appearances on the cover of Time magazine…to a group of intelligence officials, who, of all of the people you talk to, would probably have at least a little bit of experience conducting an investigation to get to the truth. He also spouted some falsehoods about his inauguration crowds, because if there’s one thing the individuals supporting those who work in dangerous undercover positions want to hear about, it’s definitely the size of your inauguration crowds. Repair the relationship with the CIA? Mission Accomplished. Sean Spicer’s absurd press conference takes home the silver medal. As a press secretary, the reality is he’s paid to spin issues for the White House.

Ugh. I’d much rather write about my experience at the women’s march instead:

It was on the third attempt to close the Metro doors this morning that I snapped out of my morning fog and looked up at the sardine packed train carrying us to the Women’s March on Washington. Pink hats adorned the cold heads. Pink scarves wrapped around chilly necks. Everywhere I looked in the car, women, from five years old to fifty-plus, were looking determined to resist threats to their health and welfare. The doors closed and the metro inched forward with the marchers.

Once we arrived at our stop, we joined a tributary of people making their way toward the rally stage at Independence and Third Streets. Signs, including “Keep Your Pences Off My Menses” and “GOP: The Elephant In The Womb” were carried by members of the resistance. People of color, United States religious minorities and the LGBTQIA community were well represented in attendance, reflective of the inclusive nature that was the foundation for the march’s radical and wonderful platform.

Every space on the street was occupied with hopeful, optimistic individuals despite the tremendous obstacles that they face under Trump to try and move a progressive agenda forward. In the face of a challenge, we were emboldened to solve it and uplifted by the unity of the march. Now comes the solving part.

We can successfully organize our communities. We can defeat hateful attacks on people of color, women, the LGBTQIA community and immigrants and refugees. In that spirit, I urge you all to donate money or time to Planned Parenthood, a women’s health care organization that is a perpetual target of oppressors and fanatics. It is important that women have affordable access to health care. It is important that women have advocates for healthy relationships. It is important that a woman’s legal right to an abortion be protected.

Don’t ever give up the feeling that today gave you. My grandfather was at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. More than 45 years after that event, the memories of that day helped shape his attitude. That march was a shining, successful moment in a struggle that achieved some measure of progress for people of color. I hope today’s moment in this movement can serve the same purpose.


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