Day 11: Resistors Of Note

As the Trump administration enters its second week, Trump will name a Supreme Court nominee tonight. Some Democrats have already announced that they may filibuster this nominee, especially if it is someone with extreme views. These acts of resistance are important and necessary if we are to fight this man successfully. Partisan labels aside, there have been many individuals who have performed heroic acts of resistance against this oppressive regime. They include:

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Day 10: 9 Movies With Surprisingly Higher Approval Ratings Than Donald Trump

(Guest post by Matty Miz, aka Matty Pageviews)

Donald Trump’s had a rough first week in office, and in no other place is that more apparent than his approval ratings. Those that are less than thrilled about his ascent to power, well, they haven’t exactly been shy about pointing that out:

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Day 9: A President’s Purpose

(Guest post by Matt Metcalf)

Donald Trump threw out the challenge flag in the opening play his Presidency, fuming at the media ruling over the size of his inauguration crowd. This brazen mood, akin to challenging the spot of the ball on the opening kickoff, would have made Rex Ryan blush. And yet this open challenge to the media does lay bare a strategy of red meat messaging to his base, rather than broadening his narrow coalition or making friends across the aisle.

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Day 6: Trump And The Media

(Guest post by Matty Miz aka Matty Pageviews)

Did the media intentionally spend all of its time covering the Inauguration crowd size just to piss off Donald Trump?

The big story last week was the end of the relative peace and stability of the Obama era and the beginning of a new, frightening, golden-shower era of American politics. Everyone and their mother was covering Trump’s Inauguration.

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Day 4: Total Fraud

The cornerstone of our country, and one of the fundamental flash points for mobilization in the struggle for civil rights, is the right to vote. Fair access to the ballot for all eligible citizens of the United States was a major victory for civil rights leaders in the 1960’s and the Voting Rights Act provided many protections for people of color living in states with extreme discrimination, including the banning of any type of test or tax to vote and a mandatory consultation with the Department of Justice prior to moving any polling place for any election (this provision has since been thrown out by the Supreme Court).

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Day 3: Principles That Never Existed

The White House had its first official press briefing today, giving Sean Spicer another opportunity to deny reality. While that cognitive dissonance was occurring, another much more nefarious compromise with the truth was taking place in the halls of Congress. Senators Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and John McCain stood united…in their support of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.

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